A tool for untethered iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak

What is this jailbreak?

This is iOS 8.4.1 Jailbreak optimized for A5 devices, based on open source code.

It has the following advantages.

・ Bypass code signing and get stable untethered jailbreak.

・ This untether's source code is open, so you can always see what it is doing.

Supported version

iOS 8
iOS 8.4.1

Supported devices

iPhone 4s
iPod touch 5G
iPad 2
iPad mini
iPad (3rd gen)

!!!! 重大警告/免責事項 !!!!



IPA Download

IPA Version

v1.2.1 Release [Released 2021/09/04]



Untether Version



How to get updates on devices that are already jailbroken?

Please touch the button below to add the repository.

If update for the untether package is pushed, it will be available via Cydia.

Add dora2ios system repo


!!!!!! All at your own risk !!!!!!


CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. + 悪用厳禁. But, the exception to this definition is that changes to the code signature portion of the app's executable binary (Payload/daibutsu.app/daibutsu) do not constitute "modified" as defined by Creative Commons. Only modifications to the code signature of the app's executable binary (Payload/daibutsu.app/daibutsu) are defined as modifications that satisfy the "NoDerivatives" constraint. This means that a sideloading service can replace the signature of the app's executable binary (Payload/daibutsu.app/daibutsu) with its own valid signature and distribute it.

Note: Any modification of the app's executable binary (Payload/daibutsu.app/daibutsu) other than the code signing part defined by mach-o is not allowed under any circumstances.

Prohibition of rehosting ipa, prohibition of modification of ipa, Prohibition of tampering with ipa. This ipa can only be distributed by dora2ios/sakuRdev. (v1.0b2 or lower)

How to use?

1, Download and sign ipa.

Download ipa and sign with iOS App Signer v1.13.

2, Open the app.

Open the daibutsu app.

If you used an expired certificate and sideloaded it, you should be able to boot by reverting to the date before it expired.

3, Press the jailbreak (脱獄) button.

This will start the jailbreaking process.

That Jailbreaking process has three steps, after that, cydia and untether will start installing. Don't touch the device. And, I recommend doing this while charging.

And when everything is done, you will see a popup like the one below.

Device will reboot and boot with jailbreak-state.

This is already untethered jailbreak. Enjoy this jailbreak :)


Pangu Team : A dyld exploit that overrides the MISValidateSignature in libmis.dylib (CVE-2015-7079)

TaiG Jailbreak : sandbox payload

benjamin-42 : Trident (kernel exploit)

planetbeing : patchfinder

in7egral : patchfinder

(c) sakuRdev/dora2ios